WP Widget: Twitter
looks like this


Display twitter on your sidebar!


WordPress 3.0 environment
PHP version 5.3 or later


Place php file into your /wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate through the administration panel, and then go to the widget panel and drag it to where you would like to have it!



Widget Title: Title text for sidebar
Timezone Offset: hours, offset from UTC
Date time format: PHP style date format. see here to detail.
Exclude reply: if checked, plugin excludes “@” message (means reply message)
Number of display: 1 t0 20 (will count reply messages)

Consumer Key:
Consumer Secret:
Access Token:
Access Secret:
1) open https://dev.twitter.com/apps
2) sign in with your twitter account
3) click ‘create new application’ button
4) follow the instruction and save
5) copy and paste:
– Consumer key
– Consumer secret
– Access token
– Access token secret
onto wedget’s control panel.
6) save

*NOTE: according twetter specification, this plugin will cache your tweets. Its cache lives fifteen actual minutes so you do not worry about traffic thing.

•Status codes

twitter_status_okStatus OK: this means plugin pulls the most recent tweets from twitter server and its list is latest.

twitter_status_429Error 429: too much request to twitter server. it will be recovered within 15 mins.

twitter_status_400Error 400: Bad request. if you see this error, you must check tokens and keys at control panel of this plugin. mostly missing keys.

twitter_status_401Error 401: Unauthorized. it looks like 400, but maybe the key/tokens which you entered is incorrect. check them again or re-copy-paste.

*if the plugin detects error, the plugin tries to pull data from its cache so for example, error 429, plugin cannot pull data from server but it will display your tweet which generated last time.

*for more detail, please check official page: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/error-codes-responses


via WordPress.org


Twitter REST API library: tmhOAuth
*tmhOAuth was developed by Matt Harris (themattharris)


* Jan 02 2009 – v0.0.1
- Initial release
* Jan 04 2009 – v0.0.2
- now data will be cached automatically
* Jan 05 2009 – v0.1.0
- Initial public release
* Jan 05 2009 – v0.1.1
- bug fix: http://twitpic.com
* Jan 05 2009 – v0.1.2
- new support: http://movapic.com (ke-tai hyakkei)
- support overflow on IE 6
* Jan 15 2009 – v0.1.3
- bug fix: source link is now open in new window
* Jan 29 2009 – v0.1.4
- added: date-time format configuration
* Jan 03 2010 – v0.1.5
- fixed: twitpic incompatibility fixed.
- added: display image option (when loaded)
* Jan 03 2010 – v0.1.6
- fixed: url position related bug
- added: hashtag link
* Jan 14 2010 – v0.1.7
- added: brightkite supported
* Jan 15 2010 – v0.1.8
- fixed: timezone issue
* Oct 23 2012 – v0.1.9
- quick fixed: support twitter api change – 10/15/2012

* Jul 11 2013 – v2.0.0
- all new code
* Jul 11 2013 – v2.0.0\1
- zip file fix

•If you like this

If you like this widget, writing small entry on your blog and trackbacking to this entry makes me really really happy!

154 responses

Excellent plugin, thanks!


Thanks Rolando, if you have any question, problem, etc, just comment here plz.


Actually I do have a question. How do I change the time in the widget? Just like in your example above, it’s in military time. How can I make it regular time? In addition, it’s several hours off. Can it display my server’s time/ISP’s time instead?



I’ve just ‘hard coded’ time string in my widget. You can modify it by editing PHP file line 263 and 278. However, if you are not familiar with code editing, I do add ‘date/time formatting’ option on next version ‘todo’ list. Also, the date-time is pulled from twitter server so if you want to display other timezone, it is little hard to edit code. But I do add this to my list, too. Thank you.


No problem about the time. If it was an easy fix, then I could try to do it myself.

If it did the twitter time, that would be a good fix because my profile in twitter is set in my time zone.

No rush. Thanks for your reply.


Actually, I did updated Twitter widget to 0.1.4 and it contains date-time formatting option. It is already at repository so you will see auto-update at your dashboard shortly.

Its time format is PHP time format, if you do not know PHP time format, check out somewhere around http://www.php.net/datetime this page.


Thank you! I did the upgrade and I see the time format. So far I am using this code:

n/j h:i A

it displays the month and date without the leading zero and shows the hour and minute and AM or PM. But the time zone is still wrong for me. Do you know how I can make it so it shows AMERICAS/Los Angeles time zone? It’s about 8 hours ahead of twitters time at the time of this posting.


Did you setup timezone at this page?

I will double check my code from now.


Yes I did. My setting on Twitter is set for Pacific Time.



I checked my code and xml file which Twitter generated then found something. Maybe your hosted server does not configure properly or its time zone setting is missing. Here’s what it goes.
1) Twitter generate its time with GMT (default)
2) My php file get GMT time stamp from XML file which Twitter generated.
3) My php file uses date() function to generate local time stamp.
The function date() automatically pulls time zone information from configuration at its local server. I’ve checked XML file and its time stamps are as same as mine.

If you using PHP 5.0 or higher version, you can set timezone within my php file using with date_default_timezone_set(). Inset this function with your local time zone string between line 253 and 254. The code insert is:

date_default_timezone_set( ‘America/Los_Angeles’ );

try this.


Awesome! that worked! Thank you very much!


Oh yes and I am happy, too. Please do not forget to add that line each time I upgrade this plugin.

Lee Smith

Can I use this widget more than once on a sidebar?


Currently, it is not possible to use more than one time, but if many people wanted to do so, I will re-write.


Trouble shooting: can’t see it the widget page.

In the list of my activated plugins, I can see Widget Twitter VJCK.
But, when I go to the Widget page, it is not there.
Did not work with 2.5, nor with 2.7.1 after upgrade.
Please help.


I don’t now how it work on ver 2.5 of WordPress, and it only tested on 2.6 or later version. Why don’t you upgrade it to 2.6 or later version?

Diogo Gomes


I decided to mess a bit with your code and made it XHTML 1.0 strict compatible and added support for brightkite pictures.

Please contact me through my email so I can send you my contribution



I’ve emailed you about this.



I would really like to use this widget on my blog but get the following error,

PHP 5.1 or later requires: no simplexml_load_file()

Firefox tells me it switched to something called Quirks mode and my floatbox plugin stopped working. Somewehere on the wordpless forum someone mentioned having the same problem.

I don’t have a clue, could you please help me.

Ik really like this widget. Checked out a lot but this one is the one i wish to use.

I think you did a great job here,

Thanks Huub


Hi Huub,

That error message, ‘PHP 5.1 or ….’ means that your server (not your local computer) does not use PHP 5.1 (maybe 4.x) so if you can, ask your server administrator to upgrade PHP version. Or, some of them can upgrade it by yourself at server control panel if you have.

Anyway, ask your server administrator, first.

Thanks using my widget.



Turned out my host provides PHP5.2.8 but by default .php extentions run on 4.x.

I needed to change my .htaccess and added the following line to force all .php to run version 5.X

AddType application/x-httpd-php5 .php .php4 .php3 .php5

Thanks, it now works. Some css editing and it will look fine ;-)

Greetz Huub


That’s good to know! I am very happy you are using my widget twitter. It will soon update next version with one more image site supported.

Ivan Carlos

Great plugin! I just found 1 problem, they create automaticaly links for http:// text, but dont finish the link when find a space =/

Example: I did a tweet as “bla bla bla http://cli.gs/Nq7nXd #absurdo”

The plugin didn’t got just “http://cli.gs/Nq7nXd” and created an “<a href", they used all text found after http://, in this case "http://cli.gs/Nq7nXd%20#absurdo&quot; – the plugin converted the space in %20 and created a long and invalid link =/

anyway, tyvm! i'm using that =)



Oh my, I forgot to fix this issue this time, but will fix this next update.


I just came to let you know about the same bug that Ivan found above.. :)

Thanks for your efforts.



I’ve just released fixed version so you can find new version (0.1.6) on your dashboard soon. With this update, I made hash-tag link, too.

thanks all.


Hi! I was wondering what is the css code I can add to my stylesheet so i can edit the size of the entry fonts. (not the date or the location)



By using following CSS code to change font for each time lines.

#twitter_time_line li {
font-size: 14pt !important;

Some of them, you need ‘!important’ to override it.

Chris from onlinerakebackpoker

Hi there, installed it and ticked all boxes to see what appears, added my twitter id (AA_poker) but the sidebar widget shows nothing except the header bar.

Any idea where I’m going wrong?




Hi Chris,

I’ve tried this issue with your account name on my test site:


and it looks fine, so maybe there’s some limitation on your server configuration (I am not sure). Try other twitter plugins and check what it happens.








Today, I’ve released 0.1.8 with fixing timezone issue. Now it’s reading Twitter’s timezone setting so you do not have to adjust it by yourself.


PHP 5.1 or later requires: no simplexml_load_file()

I saw your earlier response, but I’ve changed my mind about adding a forum widget at all. I’ve deleted the plugin, but I still have the error. Is there a way to just get rid of ti altogether?


haha. I changed to 5 and it went away. Duh.


Hi, great plugin. One question.

I notice that you strip out URL’s and append them to the bottom of each twitter entry. This makes sense for displaying images but is confusing for URL’s that are part of a message. (I have the image option unchecked)


“I think I am going to let the domain reg for http://awesomeist.com expire unless someone can convince me that it is worth keeping alive”

Displays like:

“I think I am going to let the domain reg for expire unless someone can convince me that it is worth keeping alive

Would it be a difficult code change for me to remove the URL stripping functionality?


hi, this is one concern i thought when i wrote code, too. i am looking for the solution for this (for example, if image url between sentences, and so on).

anyway, i will fix this issue. thanks for comments.


kudos to the nice plugin, but unfortunately the plugin is not Xhtml compliant….
when will this be solved ? otherwise I’m going to recode it myself.


looking at the code I thought it might be better to explain to you how to solve it, it’s real easy

You use

That’s not allowed, you have a DIV in an ul… that should be in a LI

so it should be something like this


hope you understand this, otherwise mail me



As I wrote email to you, those code will be updated so your code will be helpful for me, too.



I did resend email this morning, if you still could not catch it, let me know.



Can the widget be installed on a site that is not WordPress related?




This program was designed only for WordPress, so if you want to use other systems such as MovableType, you must re-code entire source. I do develop plugins for MovableTypes and other systems but currently, I do not have any plan to convert ‘this’ plugin to other system. Sorry.


Is there something in the works to handle posts that appear like this in the widget?

Published a blog post: “Sony to Remake “The Karate Kid””

It appears not all html entities are decoded properly. I’ve seen a number of different ones. I couldn’t tell you all of which I’ve seen off the top of my head.


sorry, i cannot see your site (both yours and which you’d mention in comment). maybe my provider banned from your site. error code is followings:

You have attempted to gain access to this site: 6 times, from the IP of xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, which resolves to KD111103141184.ppp-bb.dion.ne.jp. Please stop trying to gain access. If this ban has been made in error, you can contact the site admin at demonicpagan.at.gmail.com

Total attempts by banned addresses: 939


Hi, useful plugin.
I found two troubles and report to you.
But I am poor at English, so … 以下日本語です。 :-)


1. サーバのタイムゾーン設定がJST(+0900)のとき、UTCオフセット分が2回足されてしまい、正しい時刻が表示できない。
2. 時刻フォーマットの初期設定が誤っている。 “Y/m/d H:s” → “s” は秒なので、この場合は “Y/m/d H:i” が正しい。






I really like the Twitter widget, it’s one of the best styled widgets, but it’s a pitty it’s not w3 proof because of the div en ul problem and the double time id.


I uppdated today twitter plugin and got this message above the twitter on my page
Warning: preg_replace() [function.preg-replace]: Unknown modifier ‘a’ in /home/users1/m/moscowchurch/domains/kafeparkovka.ru/wp-content/plugins/twitter/widget_twitter_vjck.php on line 180

Do you know what can be wrong set?

mihai toader

hello. best twitter plugin by the way. a have a CSS question.
i want to make that to have list-style:none, i changed the in my theme (posts) but i don’t want twitter have bullets in front of text.

thx in advance.


hi mihai

if u do not mind, let me know the url which you use. that is the fastest way to check css issue.


Thank you so much for your plugin, works great.
Just a quick question, does it show retweets ?
Because I’ve retweeted once and it hasn’t shown up.
Thanks :)


Hi Ross,

this plugin’s spec is old and when i made this, there’s no RT function… if your RT which you want to display includes [@] mark, turning ‘display reply’ on will be helpful.


I´ve configured this plugin and is everything all right. But, if i do any change on plugin after that, for instance, change de number of tweets 5 to 3, than the plugin stops to work.
To solve that i always have do unstall the plugin and install it again.


For some reason there are no bullet icons showing up next to each tweet on our site. Were the >> markings seen in the screenshot at the top of this page removed in a recent update? I would love to have the normal dot bullet for each tweet as with the other unordered lists on the page.



Hello Marcus,

you can change >> mark by using CSS… plz check it out.


I installed the plugin and i works with every account except my own.
Could it be it does not work with twitteraccount with 6 characters?


hi Nilles,

i do not think that there’s character length limitation of account… i will check it when i return anyway (im on biz trip outside country).

René van Dam

I like this plugin but had to make some adjustemenst so I can make use of a css file for the formating of the tags. I you like I can send you a copy.


Is there a way to put 2 different twitter streams in one site?


hi René van Dam,

it is ok to upload modified version or css file to your site. however, this plugin’s update schedule will be soon (according my time off course)…


hello maria,

supporting multiple account is on the list, but current version does not support it. plz wait for new version as previous comment.



when im editting the page on visual, wat do i put in here: [_____] ???
eg for tubepress i would put [tubepress]????

The Gerbil

Hiya! Your plugin’s been a big help on my Comicpress-based site, but I’m not sure how to change the text color that displays. It’s set to black, but I have a dark, dark grey child theme, and the text kinda disappears against it. Would you know how I could change the text color to white/another color?

Thanks for helping this html newbie!


Hi Gerbil,

to change color, write following code to your css file:

#twitter_time_source {
	color: yellow !important;

#widget_twitter_vjck a {
	color: green !important;

Thank you very much! I use it on my blog: http://www.ronny-blog.de All the best for you from Germany


This plugin works fine on my local server, but it isn’t pulling the feed when I use it on my live (mt) server. Any ideas? The title shows up fine, but none of the info from twitter is showing.


hello jasoncaffee,

i just saw you page and its source code. my plugin seems like working fine, but nothing is on its cache. plz try refreshing its cache? to do so, just press ‘save’ button at this plugin’s preference panel.


Thanks for the quick reply!
It definitely looks like a caching issue. I’ve tried re-saving, I’ve cleared my local cache, I’ve even tried clearing out the database table, manually entering values, etc… I’ve clean installed the plugin, I’ve installed my local version. I can’t figure out what’s going on. Have you ever seen any issue with (mt) servers? I have PHP 5.2.17 running. I updated it to 5.3.6 too and it didn’t change anything.

I’m at a loss. I appreciate your help. I don’t really know how the caching works. Is there anything I can check?

Thanks again.



hi Jason,

i think you’d did all you need to do. this plug in has its own cache to avoid over connection between web page and twitter system because there’s access limitation per hour. plugin only see the duration (of time) to re-cache or not. i saw your source code (which from browser) and found plugin comment so the plugin works correctly. well, i will do check again but as you know, sometimes twitter system does not return any data therefore maybe we should wait one or two days. if there’s nothing change, i will make debug version for you to figure this issue out.


Thanks again. It’s a strange issue. I appreciate your help. I ran PHP in debug mode last night and it didn’t return any errors for your plugin. Dunno. I’ll keep digging.


hello Jason, i still cannot find why it is not working but if theres php error, the process will stop immediately… on your webpage source code, i can see the comment which this plugin generated therefore it looks fine. also, on your comment, you wrote that it works fine at your local environment… umm, need little more time to check my code again.


I ran the admin section in debug mode and it returned:

Notice: Undefined index: widget_twitter_vjck_submit in ****/plugins/twitter/widget_twitter_vjck.php on line 390

I get the same on my local too.

The only difference I see is that on my local, I also get:
Undefined variable: imgURL_str in ****/plugins/twitter/widget_twitter_vjck.php on line 242 on the home page.
I don’t get that warning on the live site.

I dunno man. Again, I appreciate your help.


This is all it’s writing to the database: it isn’t outputting the html at all.
a:15:{s:25:”widget_twitter_vjck_title”;s:7:”Twitter”;s:33:”widget_twitter_vjck_option_userid”;s:9:”gardnersfeed”;s:35:”widget_twitter_vjck_option_maxcount”;i:1;s:41:”widget_twitter_vjck_option_displayProfile”;b:1;s:44:”widget_twitter_vjck_option_displayProfileImg”;b:1;s:44:”widget_twitter_vjck_option_displayProfileLoc”;b:0;s:45:”widget_twitter_vjck_option_displayProfileDesc”;b:0;s:39:”widget_twitter_vjck_option_displayImage”;b:0;s:35:”widget_twitter_vjck_option_image_on”;b:0;s:39:”widget_twitter_vjck_option_displayReply”;b:0;s:38:”widget_twitter_vjck_option_displayTime”;b:1;s:40:”widget_twitter_vjck_option_displaySource”;b:0;s:44:”widget_twitter_vjck_option_displayTimeFormat”;s:9:”Y/m/d H:s”;s:38:”widget_twitter_vjck_option_cached_time”;i:0;s:40:”widget_twitter_vjck_option_cached_output”;s:0:””;}


hello Jason,

it seems like the plugin generated its own preference data on your database. could you plz try to remove twitter plugin once and also remove its preference data from your database before re-install?


How often does the plug-in “re-load” and provide the most recent tweet?


it is once at an hour.


Nice Plugin however I need to make it fit my site layout.
Please explain how to limit the width of the text(needs to fit in a narrow sidebar and currently overlaps a bg graphic). Also how do I get rid of the title that automatically is entered even when you leave the title field blank.


Hi Rob,

I checked your site and here’s what you want to do:

#widget_twitter_vjck {
	width: 120px;

Where do I add that code? in the Plugin PHP file or in css of the theme?
Sorry I am new to all of this and learning.


put those code at bottom of style.css file. you can find editor on your wordpress admin page. appearance->editor section.


Is this working with 3.3? I can’t seem to get it to show the Twitter stream off my listed site….


hello Brian,

this plugin will work with 3.3 and sometimes twitter does not respond so maybe it will take few hours to display you r tweets.

Jann Rechsteiner


Thanks for this Widget!
i’ve got a problem with it.
I’ll use it in “sidebarq1″.

If i enter my Twitter-ID, the widget is empty on my WP-Site.
Can you help me?



Still no luck on 3.3 my friend.


ummm, in some case, twitter timeline would not show up on your widget area. i am investigating this issue but still cannot get reason why it happened. as you know, it will take time to fix (or update to next version)…

Tim Rayner

Like this but it would be nice to have a line break between tweets – or to insert some other separator. At the moment I have 5 tweets up at any given time but it’s hard to see where one ends and the next begins.

Tim Rayner

also good would be a way of eliminating tweets with certain words in them.

I have another plugin that auto-tweets the headings of any new blog posts on twitter – it would be silly to have THOSE tweets showing on my blog page but if I could set your widget to ignore any tweets with the keyword for my blog in (aesc&oethel) then I could avoid that.

Just ideas. In no hurry for you to implement them ;)


Hi, Above all I chose your’s. Just one question. In the SideBar on my WordPress site, there is no spacing between tweets. How can I fix this or am I doing something wrong!


Hi Nikoza,

if you want to make space between tweets, just add following css on your style.css file.

#widget_twitter_vjck li {
	margin-bottom: 2.0em;

plz adjust height.

Ben Mackenzie

Hi there. I don’t know if it’s just my website or whatever but for some reason my tweets have stopped showing. Is there a problem with the widget or something. If someone could check it out I would appreciate it a lot. http://spacehawknews.co.uk is the website. Thanks!


Hello Ben,
I’ve checked your site and i can see 2/8′s tweets so maybe it was recovered after you wrote comment. or if you still have showing issue, click ‘save’ button of my widgets control panel then it will be re-cache.

Gary B


I have added the Twitter Plug-in to my clients website but when I try to add it to the side bar of a page I get the following error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function get_settings() on a non-object in /var/www/vhosts/adoulaslove.co.uk/httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/wp-page-widget/wp-page-widgets.php on line 444

Any ideas?


Hi Gary, i think that you’d miss something on its configuration panel such as id, the error means its function did not understand what you entered in… plz check config!


I’ve installed this plugin with WordPress 3.3.1. I’ve tested with my twitter ID wand worked well. However, testing with my client twitter ID doesn’t work. The twitter sidebar shows empty.

What could be done?


Hi Giuliano, if you tried to test with the same WordPress, the cache (built by this plugin) would be confused. avoiding cache issue, click ‘save’ button ‘after’ saved new account info. this action will clear its entire cache. Or, maybe it caused by twitter system…

Aaron H

I don’t seem to be able to make it work. I installed and activated it and it still won’t show up beyond just the header saying twitter as I said it should be but no actual tweets.

Any advice?

I’m running the latest version of WP and php5 and the theme twentyeleven.


Hi Aaron, sometimes Twitter does not respond my plugin’s request… just wait few hours and it still did not show up, press ‘save’ button at this plugin’s preference panel.

Aaron H

Waited, pressed save, and still nothing. Any other tricks you can think of?


Hi ya VJ just wondering is it possible please to use the plugin in more than one sidebar please. Cheers!


Hi Aaron, i do not have other way to solve this issue now, but some of my user said that they re-checked its configuration few times (re-write and save and so on) will maybe solve it….


hello weered, i will put your idea on my work list. thanks.


Excellent plugin, only one question…
i have 3 sidebar, but the widget it’s possible to use only in one of this…
there is a method for use the widget in 2 sidebar different?


I would need to display two different tweets but the widget can only be used once per site, it seems. Any chance for a fix? Thx!


Hi! Nice plugin, but quick question. Is there any way to re-order the twitter elements that are displayed? For example, I’d like the date to display before the tweet instead of after it. I tried playing around a little with the .php file but couldn’t figure it out. Thanks!


I am using your plugin and it works great. I only want to change the font and the fontcolor so it suits my website. Where can I change that?

Zach Tann

I run a website for a client and have this plugin and the twitter feed just disappeared all of a sudden on the plugin. When I go into the plugin I see that everything is blank and I try and save the name of the twitter feed and it won’t save….it just stays blank or goes to a japanese characters. Any idea?


I’m putting this widget into a new site and i was wondering if there is a way to have it show 2 separate twitter accounts

Tim Rayner

Hi. Love your twitter widget. One change that would be useful. I have another plugin that tweets links to my blog entries. It’d be awesome if there was a function in your widget that eliminates anything which contains a certain word, phrase or set of characters (such as, in my case, “Æsc&Œthel edit:” or “Æsc&Œthel post:”) from the list of ‘recent tweets’.

My reason for elimination of these tweets is that it seems silly to have tweets on my WordPress blog which point to articles on my wordpress blog – when obviously they’d be the most recent wordpress articles and so already likely to be being read.

Actually using hashtags for this could be powerful. Especially if it’s possible to set up more than one instance of your widget (if it isn’t then look into it – that functionality would be awesome as well!)

There’s tons of other ways a string recognition part to this plugin would be useful. Perhaps someone uses their business twitter to occasionally tweet about personal stuff. They’re fine about their clients and twitter followers occasionally reading personal tweets but want the more business oriented stuff to show up on their WordPress blog. By setting up a filter they could use the hashtag #personal for personal stuff and it wouldn’t be shown. Or you could set it up to ONLY tweet stuff with the hashtag #business.

An awesome widget already but I’d send you chocolate if you added the ability to filter (by string or just by hashtag!)


The title of the widget shows, but nothing else, no tweets.


the widget just…stopped working. I went in to save widget again, and the tweets that were there (that stopped updating,btw) vanished.


I managed to fix it by changing line 280 in widget_twitter_vjck.php

From: http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/‘ . $_twitterUserID . ‘.xml?count=’ . $_twitterCount;

To: ‘https://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/user_timeline.xml?include_entities=true&include_rts=true&screen_name=’ . $_twitterUserID . ‘count=’ . $_twitterCount;



@ Tom –

I did as you suggested (I was having the same problem) but to no avail. Is there another place that the .php file needs to be updated?

David Scott

I have included the widget as per your diagrams but only get the header. Any suggestions?



As you know, there’s specification change on Twitter few weeks ago therefore my currently my plugin cannot get any data from twitter server. I will fix this issue soon, but still I need more time to work this out (due to real life reason).



I’d love to know when this is getting updated! I am having no luck with the widget since Twitter changed it’s syntax for retreiving usernames… The issue seems to be related to escaping a query string in the url construction portion of the file.

Adam Bell

Hi, to fix, just change line 280 to:

http://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/user_timeline.xml?screen_name=‘ . $_twitterUserID . ‘&count=150


I changed my password on twitter. Now your plugin isn’t automatically updating on my blog. How to correct that? Thank you.


Hi, the updates version isnt working for me at all.



My twitter widget is showing old tweets. I realised it might be because we changed our twitter password recently- how can I updated the widget settings to reflect this (our developer installed it so I’ve no idea!).



Thank you for this Plugin! But now i have to try an other one – please write an comment when fixed, so i’ll get back to yours! :-)


Could you tell me if this plugin is compatible with API v1.1 and still works after March 5th?


I can not find the setting login page, I have on my WP site the correct link to show tweets, but no tweets are posted. Why is this support page so poorly put together and can anyone explain to me how I can manage this plugin correctly?

It is installed, it is on my front page, I do not know how to login to the plugin to change it, it does not display any of my tweets, yet it does let you click on the twitter link and brings me to the twitter page with the correct login/account.

Any help before I give up on this plugin ASAP?

Julia Drake

Hi! My twitter widget has stopped posting my tweets on my web page. Should I delete and reinstall it?


Hi all,

According Twitter’s API change, current version of this plugin does not work at all. I need to re-write auth code to fit this but I need time to do this. Until that, please deactivate this plugin from your website (if you completely uninstall, you cannot check update at all but when deactivate, you can see little number at you admin panel to know).

thank you.


Hey, thanks for the update on the plugin!

I added the following (wrapping each tweet) so that it would link to the twitter page for that tweet:

	$tweet_id = $t[ 'id_str' ];
	$output .= '<a href="http://twitter.com/' . $user[ 'screen_name' ] . '/status/' . $tweet_id . '" rel="nofollow">';
	$output .= '</a>';

At around line 400.

I’m also getting the following every time I update it and then I have to reactive it. I’m sure you’ll figure it out though:
“The plugin generated 1752 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.”


Hi Michael

that’s good idea adding page link. maybe i should put this feature on control panel of this…

error thing, ummm, i think that it is library compatibility thing… not sure.

Ivan J.

Great plugin, but i just discovered a bug when the plugin is activated on WordPress 3.5.2. The WordPress Media library stops to work, no files are displayed in the “Add media” – button for a post/page.


Hello Ivan,
on my site, wp media is works fine on my places. maybe some plugin conflicted ?

Willem de Boer

My provider does not support php 5.3. When I upgrade the plugin renders my whole WordPress 3.5.2 website inaccessible! What can I do?


hi Willem

there’s no way to recover function right now. you ‘must’ need php 5.3 or later due to oAuth library. and older version does not support oAuth authorisation therefore roll back does not mean anything. sorry for that.

Willem de Boer

Hi V.J. Yes I understand, just thought I’d mention the particular problem this can cause. Maybe the upgrade process should do a version check first. Save a lot of hassle.


hello Willem

that’s good idea for svn (means compatibility check ‘before’ downloading)… currently, there’s no such api for each plugins for svn so we cannot do anything right now, but your suggestion is great idea.



I love this plugin and helpfull, very thanks for that.

There is a repository for this plugin? i make a change to don’t broke upload on new versions of wordpress.



hi Lucas

i only uploads to official repository ..


Took me a while to find this plug-in, but it suits my needs very well! But now I’ve got a problem. I had disabled the plug-in when it stopped working a while ago. I just saw the update that was available and updated, but I can’t enter the configuration information: when I drag the widget into a widget area, I see the fields for a while and then they disappear. What’s left is ‘delete’, ‘close’ and ‘save’.



i need more information about your web environment… such as php version, plugins which you’ve already installed, and if you do not mind, url.

Kyle Cassano

I accidentally misunderstood the instructions and my entire blog went blank. I changed the code and do not remember how it looked prior to changing it. HELP!

If we can locate the code before I changed it, my developer can reverse my mistake tonight…

This was the piece of code I changed within the Twitter plugin edit:

‘consumer_key’ => __get_twitter_access_info( OWMMqP3gcl1e30v1nykQYg ),
‘consumer_secret’ => __get_twitter_access_info( 1Bv1e59sDTFcejbVg612bVcTcrbLEZkHnnt7xNvAA ),
‘token’ => __get_twitter_access_info( 87552806-SXn0Y0gKzgZ7qdcHrPOqmZHJsOIZ4JEPXr5BV6hZE ),
‘secret’ => __get_twitter_access_info( CuR4BV8vJRrL4K10hDt6I2SteQmP18GopOpdldRlFhA ),
‘bearer’ => ”, // YOUR_OAUTH2_TOKEN

The code I removed was inside of the parentheses and was a some rendition of the code below:


( w_twitter_consumer_key )
( w_twitter_consumer_secret )
( w_twitter_access_token )
( w_twitter_access_token_secret )


( w_twitter_consumer_key )
( w_twitter_consumer_secret )
( w_twitter_token )
( w_twitter_secret )


( w_twitter_consumer_key )
( w_twitter_consumer_secret )
( w_twitter_access_token )
( w_twitter_access_secret )


it was:

'consumer_key' => __get_twitter_access_info( w_twitter_consumer_key ),
'consumer_secret' => __get_twitter_access_info( w_twitter_consumer_secret ),
'token' => __get_twitter_access_info( w_twitter_access_token ),
'secret' => __get_twitter_access_info( w_twitter_access_secret ),
'bearer' => '', // YOUR_OAUTH2_TOKEN

Tim Ginn

The current version of the plugin inserts a stylesheet everywhere… including on JSON responses of things unrelated. This breaks the JSON and therefore other plugins. For example: Contact Form 7.

HT Goody

Hi, I tried dragging this widget to an area, and it didn’t display any tweets, so I gave up and dragged it back out of the area. it’s still an active widget, but doesn’t appear on any page. The problem is now I’m getting these errors whenever I post or update anything. Only other thing I did before all this was update the version. Any thoughts on how to fix? (Using the Weaver Theme)

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/projects/public_html/wp-content/plugins/twitter/widget_twitter_vjck.php:171) in /home/projects/public_html/wp-admin/post.php on line 222

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/projects/public_html/wp-content/plugins/twitter/widget_twitter_vjck.php:171) in /home/projects/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 875


please try to remove it at ‘plugin page’


You are an IDIOT!!
The current version of the plugin inserts a red stylesheet everywhere… including on JSON responses of things unrelated. that about php required 5.3 or higher


Nice plugin! I added some further options that fit my needs. Email me if you’d like to see them. Thanks!


Your plugin seems to insert the css stylesheet into RSS feeds hence invalidating the XML. I have currently disabled but once fixed please advise so we can reactivate the plugin


I’m having the same issue with the plugin as HT Goody – only mine won’t let us login. can you tell us how to remove the plugin (temporarily) on the backend – until we can fix it and re-add it?

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for some reason this fucks with my media library. It causes wordpress not to be able to find any of my uploaded media, and when I try to upload new images, it throws an error.
Deactivating the plugin fixes my media library, and reactivating the plugin breaks it again.


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I have the same problem as Ivan when I activate this plugin my “add media” stops working.


Your plugin is killing anything that tries to read json via ajax (ie. contactform7) bacause it’s dumping it’s stylesheet information before the

You should use:

function twitter_styles() {
echo "
styles here

to add it to the tag instead of just throwing it in wherever it likes.

If anybody is having this problem, edit /wp-content/plugins/twitter/widget_twitter_vjck.php to make the above changes, and it should fix it.

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