WP Plugin: Display Exif

looks like this


This plugin instantly adds photo’s exif data window on its image. The window will open/close by clicking the image. You have nothing to modify your entries to add this feature!


WordPress 2.5 environment
*Tested with IE7/8, FireFox, Safari. This plugin is not compatible with IE6.


Place files into your /wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate through the administration panel.


This plugin does not have any option panel.
At version 0.0.4, I added preference panel to turn on/of displaying items. Also, there’s master switch to check validation of exif data for some cameras which will not export focus length data such as Leica.


This plugin adds some ids on your entry. If you want, you can modify your CSS to change style.

class: display_exif_outer
Out most rectangle of exif window.

class: display_exif_title
Each title’s rectangle.

class: display_exif_value
Each value’s rectangle.

class: display_exif_img_outer
Image container’s rectangle.


This plugin checks following attributes on IMG tags.

<img src="http://www.example.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/sample.jpg" alt="" title="" width="490" height="380" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-12345" />

The plugin checks this value to decide width of exif window so do not remove.

class="alignnone size-full wp-image-12345"
The plugin uses those class-names for exif window (especially the last one). If you remove them from your entry, the exif window will not open (plugin cannot find the window).


According to WordPress’s specification, if you write IMG tag, please insert more than one returns at end of tag line. Otherwise WordPress does not add P tag at beginning of following sentences. If you write next sentences without returns, maybe font size changes to default size.

This is photo’s exif thing so it is rare case to put the same image at the same page, but in that case, the media library automatically adds the same class name on each images. This plugin checks its class name to separate exif window so if you do so, the plugin will confuse. If you want to put the same image more than two places, add some character at end of its class name.
e.g.: wp-image-12345 => wp-image-12345B

This plugin filters following standard functions.


Therefore if your theme file does not support this function to display entry, the plugin will not modify your IMG tags.

•Trouble Shoot

shortcode compatibility: if other plugin which add/modify shortcode does not work property with display-exif plugin, adjust number at bottom of display-exif plugin’s source code from 50 to larger number such as 9999.

add_filter( 'the_content', 'display_exif_filter', 50 );


add_filter( 'the_content', 'display_exif_filter', 9999 );


via WordPress.org


* Aug 29 2009 – v0.0.1
- Initial release
* Aug 30 2009 – v0.0.2
- Public release
* Aug 30 2009 – v0.0.3
- Minor adjustment
* Aug 31 2009 – v0.0.4
- Added preference panel to switch on/off display item, etc..
* Aug 31 2009 – v0.0.5
- WordPress native gallery supported. thanks Matt!
* Aug 31 2009 – v0.0.6
- now it is compatible with lightbox
* Aug 31 2009 – v0.0.7
- more detail – exif data
- if you cannot see additional options at preference panel, press ‘submit’ button.
* Sept 04 2009 – v0.0.8
- mouse over/out to display exif option
* Sept 05 2009 – v0.0.9
- support image alignment such as align center etc.
* Sept 11 2009 – v0.1.0
- fixed: if original size and display size were different, image had been trimmed.
* Sept 11 2009 – v0.1.1
- fixed: suport different types of focal length such as D700.
* Sept 11 2009 – v0.1.2
- position adjusting – temporary / non-released version.
* Sept 11 2009 – v0.1.3
- quick fix, adjust ‘fotomoto’ compatibility.

* Mar 22 2011 – v0.2.0
- re-coded / support ‘clickable’ image, etc.
* Mar 26 2011 – v0.2.1
- fixed bug on ie8.
* Mar 26 2011 – v0.2.2
- support wordpress’s thumbnail, adding switch to option panel to on/off thumbnail support

•If you like this

If you like this plugin, writing small entry on your blog and trackbacking to this entry makes me really really happy!

183 responses
Matt Rude

This look like a really cool, fun plugin, but the two sites I have tried this plugin on, it breaks the [gallery] shortcut. Any idea’s how I can use this plugin with a native WordPress gallery?


Thanks Matt! I just uploaded ver0.0.5 to support native WP gallery. Please wait few moment and download it from repository.

Again, thank you pointing this issue ! (your name on my source code!)

*check this site ( http://www.vjck.com/prototypes/ ) how it works.


Warning: exif_read_data() [function.exif-read-data]: Unable to open file in /xxxx/xxxx/wp-content/plugins/display-exif/display_exif.php on line 109


If server did not support exif_read_data, you will see this error message. Only thing that you can do is asking server administrator to re-compile PHP software on your server with ‘–enable-exif’ option.

Orca H4H


Could it be possible to have the exif been shown when hoverin over the image? So you wouldnt have to click..



Umm, I think if I changed to just ‘mouse over’ for this, maybe the page will be heavy, but I can do this (maybe, I have to test it).

Plz keep watching version number and if I added this function, I will add section about this at ‘setting’ area.

thanks for idea.


Hi V.J.

Congratulations! You did a great job! I like very much your plugin, especially since you introduced the mouse over option.

The only problem I have is that if I enable your plugin (this happen even with v.0.0.9) the alignment of the text is changed to left and even worse, the space between text and pictures is dissapearing, It is very interesting that this happen only to pictures that includes exif information.

I mention that I use P2 theme (Prologue).

Thanks for your great work!


Hi mihai,

I’ve just tested this plugin with P2 theme (see http://www.vjck.com/prototypes/) and here is solution for this fix.

1) When you use align-right or align-left, the space between text and image will become zero.
a) This is easy CSS problem. Adding following code at bottom of your style.css file.

.alignleft {
margin-right: 1.0em;
.alignright {
margin-left: 1.0em;

If you want, you can change width of space e.g. 1.0em, 15px, etc.

2) Floating section issue.
a) When you use floating images (such as align-left) if total paragraph height beside image is shorter than image height itself, you must finish with BR tag with clear option.

<img src="..." .... />text text text text<br clear="all" />

Plz try this and if I misunderstood the issue, comment here again. Thanks!


Hi V.J.

I did the change and now works perfectly! THANK YOU!

One more thing… I have also a PhotoBlog that uses a Premium Theme. I tried to use your plugin but it does not work at all. I suppose that the problem is because the pictures are not in the default place but in this folder: wp-content/thumbnails

Is it possible to tell me what I have to do in order to make the plugin to see the pictures from that directory?

Again, many thanks in advance for your great work!



Hi mihai,

This plugin pulls image’s url from your entry so the place of image does not matter. If you show me the site url, I can help you maybe.


Hello V.J.

Sure I can give you the URL! Please see http://www.existentiale.ro



Hi mihai,

I opened the page and it was displayable but it had one error so page rendering did not finished. The error is following:

jQuery("ul.sf-menu").superfish is not a function

This means one of your plugin or part of your theme uses undefined function. To find out where problem is, remove all plugin, and add one by one. When you try to do this, FireFox browser is very helpful to find out error (check small red exclamation mark at top-right of your window). You can forget about ‘warnings’, but if your site has error, any (including mine) plugin has possibilities of malfunction.

please check the error.



That error was produced by Google Analycator plugin and I dezactivated it but no change regarding Display Exif.

What is interesting about the theme I use is that it does not uploads the pictures the classic way of WP but is built that way to instead use: Super Image Plugin that:

“Easily add thumbnail images to your posts. Brought to you by Press75.com”

It seems that this plugin is using several Java Scripts like jquery.superfish.

Any other thought?



I’ve just checked again and I could not find my script on your page. Could you please activate my plugin so I can find what happened at the page.

Here’s something you should know.
a) image thumbnails at top page: those images are maybe generated by the plugin so it does not have exif.
b) when you click those thumbnails (new window comes up), maybe that window is generated by JavaScript. This means there’s possibilities it is non-standard wordpress page.
c) individual entry page, my plugin should work on this page, but it did not.



Hello again!

I activated the plugin to see how it works.

1. The thumbnails are OK to NOT show the exif. I do not expect that.
2. If you click on images, it are expanded with Lightbox effect. No exif appears…
3. If you click on the name of the post, the new page is dsplayed… the picture does not show the Exif and something interesting happens only when I activate this plugin: on the very top of the page you can see the text of the post again… that’s very strange.

Waiting with impatience on your input!




Finally, I found what happened on your site.

A) Lightbox: this plugin compatible with lightbox but this means it only lives with it, not display exif at lightbox window.

B) Individual page, the image is looks like normal image, but it is still thumbnail, therefore the plugin cannot find ordinary img tags at each entries. So, it’s bad, but my plugin is not compatible with this theme.

Maybe this theme file (i do not know this theme) does not use the_content tag at each entry. Again, sorry, there’s nothing I can do for this.


Hi V.J.

I understand. Thanks anyhow for all your efforts!


Manuel Martensen

Awesome! Exactly what I was looking for. But i suspect this works only with images uploaded by WordPress, right? Would be so great if this would work on images linked from Flickr as well, is there any chance?


Manuel Martensen

Whoops, forgot the error:

Warning: exif_read_data(3923462560_1ce1a67b9f.jpg) [function.exif-read-data]: Incorrect APP1 Exif Identifier Code in /is/htdocs/wp1073384_REO57T6EI1/www_manuelmartensen/wp-content/plugins/display-exif/display_exif.php on line 125



Uploading images to Flickr, or other service, most of them rebuild those images by themselves. Therefore in most case, the exif data will be broken. I will try but there’s only small chances there.

The error which you saw is:
a) your server does not completely compile exif option
b) the exif data which you want to display is broken by some reason.

If I can see the image with error, I will advice (or I can fix) this issue.


A.E. Christian

hello. i want to start by congratilating you for making the most aesthetically pleasant exif reader plugin for wordpress.
but i have 2 problems/suggestions:

1. it will be nice if this plugin wont use the build in function of PHP server “exif_read_data()” to read the metadata. i have 2 accounts on 2 different host and both of them have installed the php server with exif option disabled.
i hope in the future you will make using the exifer library, so this plugin can be usable on all hosts.

2. maybe in the future you will make this plugin able to read exif geo-tag, and linking to google maps.

p.s. take a look to this plugin that work with the exifer library

thank you



Well, the easiest way to read exif data is using PHP library but as you wrote some servers did not compile with exif option. I will do something for this in near future, but current version is not support yet.

The external lib which you suggested is looks wonderful. I will check the source code and if I can merge this into mine, I will try.

Geo tag support is not difficult thing, but I do not have GPS solutions now and I could not tested this. This is in my To-Do list, too.

Thank you suggestions!!!

A.E. Christian

thank you for your quick response and support to my suggestions.
i didn’t understand what you said about “GPS solutions”. If you referring of inserting a geotag into exif of a photo, they are many programs that do this.

some discussions about programs here:

i personally use Breezebrowser and google earth. but a free and multi OS solution is Picassa 3 & Google Earth 5.

some discussion about geotaging and wordpress here:


I’m building a photo portfolio and I wanted to use you plug-in to display the exif data from the photos. However, I installed it, activated it, configured it and nothing, absolutely nothing happened.

I know some photos don’t even have EXIF data, but still, the plug-in does not work with the ones that do.

here’s the example page for a photo with exif data:


hope you can tell me what the problem is.

thank you.


Hi Grace,

I saw your page and the plugin looks working (but nothing happen when clicking photo as you said).

There’s some reasons:

a) theme file does not use ‘the_content’ function to display entry: please check single.php for example.
b) some other plugin which you installed ‘over write’ mine (less possibilities)

If the theme file which you are using now is ‘downloadable’, please tell me url so I can check this. if not (such as your original) send me ‘single.php’ or ‘index.php’ by email (you can find my email address at ‘retagr’ icon at top of sidebar at ‘top page’.



sent you an email.
thanks for all your help.


ive got your email and it looks fine. umm.

by the way, i’ve checked your photo at

this photo did not contain exif data…. do you have any other examples?


Ah, I’ve got it.

The image that you are watching on your web site is ‘generated by WordPress’ thumbnails, therefore the exif data had been lost. The image file name where on your web site is ‘Nortec-01-750×501.jpg’, and on your computer, maybe it was ‘Nortec-01.jpg’ or ‘Nortec.jpg’ …

When you upload image (off course by WordPress), if you selected other than ‘original’ size radio button, WP will re-create image file on your server (yes, there’s original, too). WordPress’s image generating logic (actually, this is PHP software on your server) does support only image data.

Therefore the image which you see on your web site does not contain exif dat even your original had. Please try ‘original’ size at your test entry with image which contain exif data.


Thanks for the cool plugin! When the EXIF screen appears over the image, when the mouse is moved ever so slightly, the EXIF screen flicks on and off hundreds of time durinf this slight mouse movement. Is there a fix for this?



Tried with the original image and it worked! thanks a lot :)


Forgot to mention that the screen flickering issue seems to be related to the Firefox browser.


hi Patrick,

There’s plan to update this fix, but currently I don’t have enough time to do this. So until that, please use with ‘click to display exif’.


I got that same error:
Warning: exif_read_data() [function.exif-read-data]: Unable to open file in /srv/www/htdocs/web92/html/wp-content/plugins/display-exif/display_exif.php on line 125

But phpinfo says exif is enabled.
What to do?


Hi Marcello,

In your case, the function is working, but the file cannot open in some ways such as incorrect filename, bad path name and so on. If you are familiar with PHP code, add following code in source file between line 125 and 124:

print_r( $filename );

So you can see the string which program passes to the function on your screen. If you are not, plz show me (or email me) raw code of sample entry so I can find what happened on your site. When you copy & paste entry, plz use html editor mode so I can see html code, too.


Ok i did what you said, and now the path to the thumbnail is shown, but i’m not sure if the thumbnail holds the exif data!?

The Message looks like this now.
Warning: exif_read_data() [function.exif-read-data]: Unable to open file in /srv/www/htdocs/web92/html/wp-content/plugins/display-exif/display_exif.php on line 125

I’m not sure which peace of code you need, but of course i can send it, in the meantime you may have a look on the site, i’ll leave the plugin active for now, so you can see the error and what may cause it!

Thanks and best regards

- Marcello


Ah ha, finally I understand your situation now. a) this plugin does not compatible with thumbnail images, and b) you are using lightbox (or something like that, plugin which enlarges images within parent window) and again this plugin does not compatible with it.

So, here’s new idea for next version, i will add ‘on/off’ switch for display or not display exif for each image so if you want use thumbnail, you can turn off (for only that image). Anyway, this issue had been very helpful for my next version.



Always happy to be useful! ;) So i will turn off the plugin until you added that feature. Even cooler would be if it supports also on thumbnails/lightbox Images, cause when people are interested in the EXIF Data i think they’re also interested in seeing the Image in Large ;)

BTW, your plugin seems to be the only “stylish” one to show EXIF, the overlay style is really great!



May it would be possible for thumbnail / lightbox images if you point to the linked image to retrieve the EXIF data?
I know some simple php, but i’m not sure if this would be possible.



now i’m planning to update entire source code of this plugin to add some features including thumbnail/lightbox issue. displaying exif data while mouse over is one of idea which i dropped before because in some browser, it pulls flicker on your screen. but i will search some other way displaying exif. anyway, when i finished update this code, you can find it at your wordpress admin window (at plugin section).



Oh i think the Mouseover function is really great, sad that i calls issues, but maybe you let it in as an option anyway? On my non-commercial Blog i kinda don’t care about IE or other retarded Browsers, and prefer to have good function for good Browsers, I even added “box-shadow” and i know that apart of FF and Safari nearly no Browser actually supports it, but for those who know which browser to use, they get a little extra.

Which Browsers do have the flickering issue?


last time i tested that logic, it’s only logical issue not browser issue so maybe this issue is fix-able. and also it is time to ‘graduate’ ie6 so newer my code will be support only ie7 or later version (off course i do support ff and safari)…


Thanks for great plugin! Works quite good. I have two feature requests:

optional turn off switch for predefined images – not all jpegs on my site are photos, I dont want exif layer on them :)

optional exif layer on bottom border of image, not on top – sometimes I think it looks better;

Now I have few errors because plugin is trying to get exif data from .gif files – is it easy way to correct this error?


Hi Paul

thank you comment me and i will think about your ideas for next version … especially loading gif image thing.


hope you will release soon a version that use a external library to read exif.


The plugin really looks good but I doesn’t seem to work with me.


How come?



i saw your site and it looks fine, but my plugin did not work. maybe hosting server’s configuration is not fit for my plugin. it is little hard time (means busy) so i do check your site again later.


Hi :-) I really like the concept of your EXIF plugin and the simplicity of adding this information as an overlay on top of the current image displayed. However, I think that most users will also use something to show their images like with lightbox or (as I do) Shadowbox-js. Can your plugin be made to work with these image viewers ? thanks !


update: currently I get the following error (so for now I de-activated the plugin) >>>Fatal error: Call to undefined function exif_read_data() in /data/virtualhosts/fotovriendenwestfriesland.nl/virtualhosts/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/display-exif/display_exif.php on line 125<<<


hi Richard,

there’s plan to support lightbox and/or other something for displaying images nicely plugins.


one more thing.

if you see that error message, it means the server configuration which you are currently using for wordpress is not support exif displaying. (the error said that function which this plugin requires is missing)

this is not uncommon function, so it is better to ask your server administrator to re-configurate it if u want to use this kind of thing. (u can wait until lightbox supported version of my plugin) :D

Ian Corbitt


I like the idea behind your plug-in, however it doesn’t work with the newest version of WordPress.

Any idea on when a updated version will be available?



Hi Ian,

i saw your site and there’s some reason why my plugin does not work.

1) image does not have exif data or does not have focus length. if the image is kind of screenshot, or some images which did not come from camera dont have exif data. so the plugin does not show anything.

2) you are using thumbnail to display on your site. if the image is already clickable, this plugin does not
display anything.

i think your reason why my plugin does not work is this.


Hi V.J.C

How could I change EXIF Data info to display on 1 line, instead of multi-line (default). And Is it possible to move the “EXIF layer” to the bottom of photo?

Thanks. I love your plugin.


Oh, sorry, there is 1 more thing. Somehow “display exif” conflict with my “contact form 7″ plugin.

Checkout: http://tlaphotos.com/contact

Thanks again


Hi tLa,

it is good idea to display only one line exif data, but it is not possible to do so with current version. maybe i will think about this option for next version..

thank you using my plugin


one more thing,

‘contact form 7′, maybe this plugin generates GIF format thumbnail so the plugin cannot read it. GIF issue is known issue so again, this issue is on my fix list, too.

thank you


This is a wonderful plugin. So great! It just… well doesn’t work with another one that’s also important to me: Lightbox 2

In the full size modus it’s perfect. But as lightbox 2 adds the lightbox effect to galleries, it interfers with your plugin (or vice versa). So sad about it. Any chance to fix it?


edit: If it was just possible to deactivate it for galleries, I’d be perfectly happy!


Hi bee,

yes i am using lightbox, too and this plugin should support it in some ways. there’s still not good answer but remember, i am still thinking about this issue.

thank you using my plugin anyway

Jean Jensen


A very fine plug, but where do I change the CSS? I’d like to style the fonts…

@Patrick, on September 28th, 2009:
I have the same ‘problem’: When I mouseover the picture, the EXIF shows perfectly. But when I mouseover the EXIF-data, the screen flicks like its on drugs…


Hi Jean,

to change fonts, u can use css to change it and it will be something like this:
.display_exif_title {
font-size: 20pt;
font-weight: bold;

the issue of flicking is on my work list.


hello. I’d love to add exif data showing to my pictures but I use a lightbox-like plugin to display my pictures and I am not sure if it can be added to my current system. Please have a look at my galleries and let me know if you think it can be done: http://pacura.ru/pictures/2010/the-national-arts-festival-in-grahamstown/ I would love to show the exif data not in the gallery but when someone clicks on a thumbnail, it should be overlayed above the full size image.
The plugin I use is called shutter reloaded and can be found i nthe wordpress repository.
Please let me know if you think this can be done.


Hi ovidiu,

i saw your site and understood what you want to say. as you know, many people wanted to add compatibility with lightbox feature so i am planning to do so. i am still looking for good user interface for this so when i’ve done, you will see new version on your dashboard. (sorry, currently i do not have enough time to fix this issue quickly). plz keep in touch with this plugin. thank you using my plugin.


thx, I have subscribed to this comment feed, maybe you can mention the new features here when you update your plugin? Otherwise I’ll try and keep updated.


Hi, I want to use your plugin but it doesn’t work on my site http://foto.hobscotch.de/galerie/

I’m using this theme http://www.web2feel.com/photoblog/

My lightbox is the prettyimage plugin. I hope u can help me.

Greets from Cologne


I want to desiplay 「exposure bias」
Is there a method of adding it?


i wrote update fixing list, ‘adding some other items such as exposure bias’. also i saw your site and if you mind that the transparent rectangle is not exactly mach as the image, add offset margin to rectangle. (see CSS section above).


Thank you for a prompt answer.
I check CSS.


I just installed your plugin and like it. However, I keep getting a bit of text (i.e., “Array”) at the end of every blog post. Any ideas? Thanks!


hi terry,

i’ve been updated this plugin to change its main display logic, so plz install new version by using wordpress administrator panel. i think that no more ‘array’ will come up on your page…


Thanks for updating your plugin, but it still has Array at the bottom of every post. It appears below my social plugin. I’m pretty sure it’s the exif plugin as when I deactivate it, Array goes away. Here’s a link to where you can view the effect: http://welliverphotography.com/blog/?p=1131. I’ll keep looking around the code. Let me know if you have any other ideas! Thanks again for the quick response.


ive checked your page’s source code carefully and maybe (not sure, but possibly) the ‘Array’ string is not generated by my plugin – i am not sure because i cannot test with your site, off course.

to check which plugin conflicts with mine, deactivate plugins which you’ve installed one by one. plz try that.


thanks for all you help. I just disabled all plugins and enabled them one-by-one with yours first. Unfortunately, upon enabling your plugin (which I did first), ‘Array’ displayed again. I then disabled it and ‘Array’ disappeared. I think it may be my theme. I use the ProPhoto3 (http://bit.ly/eL9Wjv). I disabled as many setting as I could to get a basic theme and the ‘Array’ still appeared. Again, thank you for all your help. I wish this could be resolved. I’ll keep looking around, but really have no ideas.


I still haven’t figured it out, but it seems your plugin (possibly with the Prophoto3 theme) add ‘Array’ to the end of the post inside the class=”entry-content self-clear”. It looks like it’s right before the comment.


umm, my plugin does not contain either ‘entry’ nor ‘content’ words…


Yes, i know. I’m thinking it’s my theme. If you view the source on my page, you will see ‘Array’ after your code. Very strange. I actually found if I set the priority of your add_filter to the default (i.e., 10), it eliminates the ‘Array’ word, but then the pictures are too big. Anyways, thank you for your quick replies. I might disable your plugin for the time being, but will continue to watch it to see if any of the upgrades you accomplish fix the apparent incompatibility with the Prophoto3 theme (or if I decide to switch themes). Again thanks!


version 0.2.0 has a bug in IE.

//var $oft_w = ( parseInt( $this_img.css( “marginRight” ) ) – parseInt( $this_img.css( “marginLeft” ) ) ) / 2;
//var $oft_h = ( parseInt( $this_img.css( “marginBottom” ) ) – parseInt( $this_img.css( “marginTop” ) ) ) / 2;
// NOTE: $this_img.css( “marginXXX” ) maybe return “auto” in IE
var $marginRight = parseInt( $this_img.css( “marginRight” ) );
var $marginLeft = parseInt( $this_img.css( “marginLeft” ) );
var $marginBottom = parseInt( $this_img.css( “marginBottom” ) )
var $marginTop = parseInt( $this_img.css( “marginTop” ) );
if ( isNaN( $marginRight ) ) {
$marginRight = 0;
if ( isNaN( $marginLeft ) ) {
$marginLeft = 0;
if ( isNaN( $marginBottom ) ) {
$marginBottom = 0;
if ( isNaN( $marginTop ) ) {
$marginTop = 0;
var $oft_w = ( $marginRight – $marginLeft ) / 2;
var $oft_h = ( $marginBottom – $marginTop ) / 2;


yes, there’s bug on 0.2.0 with IE 8 (i do not suport 7 or 6…). i will fix this issue soon.


i’ve been uploaded bug fixed version 0.2.1 right now. it will come up your administrator page soon. now it displays with ie8.


0.2.1 alos works with both IE 7 & 6


would you also please check the wordpress forums? there are a couple of questions over there…
maybe add in your plugi ndescriptions that you are not monitoring the forums…

A.E. Christian

is there a place where we can download older versions of the plugin ?


I do not think there’s way to download older version at official repository, but if you want, i have 0.1.3 so i can email it for you. plz request me by email.


you can download any version that has been uploaded to the repository, its jsut that you don’t seem to have any old ones, this is the link where you usually find them: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/display-exif/download/


i found that, thanks info

A.E. Christian

i did not find a contact form in this or your email address.

A.E. Christian

i only seen 0.2.1 on your link.
I entered http://plugins.trac.wordpress.org/log/display-exif/ , i click “Save Link As” on display_exif.php but is save me the html format including line numbers not the php format.


do not use ‘save link as’.

open this link:

click rev number which you want to download (e.g. 321233)

click trunk

click display_exif.php – you will see line numbered source code

at bottom of page, click Original Format

A.E. Christian

“at bottom of page, click Original Format” … i haven’t observe that before.

A.E. Christian

it seems older versions of the plugin give me the same problem . i use it with the Suffusion theme ( http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/suffusion ).

when i activate the Excerpt on front page in the theme options, it not give me an error but it don’t display Excerpt (summary of the posts) on my front page, but the full text.

V.J.Catkick can you test your plugin with that theme and Excerpt on Front page activated in theme options ?


i installed ‘Suffusion’ theme on my test site and do some test, the expert does not work at ‘top page’ without any plugins. off course i enabled ‘If this box is checked, this post will show up as an excerpt in the magazine template.’ option at each entry editing view. do i miss something?

A.E. Christian

wordpress 3.1.2 and suffusion 3.7.8.
you must have at least 2 posts written, and a post contain more the 100 words. the suffusion excerpt is set by default to 55 words.

step 1)

go to: wp-admin >> Settings > Reading
set “Front page displays” to “Your latest posts”.
set “Blog pages show at most” set at least “2″ post.

step 2) reset theme options to defaults

go to: wp-admin >> Appearance >> Suffusion Options >>
in the Save/Reset dialog click “Delete all theme options”

step 3)

go to: wp-admin >> Appearance >> Suffusion Options >> Other Graphical Elements >> Layout: Excerpt / List / Tile / Full >> Front Page settings .

check “Display excerpt” box
set “Number of Full content posts on Front Page” to “0 (Zero)”

in this way you will have the theme to show a summary of you latest “x” post in the root page of the wordpres.

when i activate the “Display exif” plugin, the summary disappear and is replaced by the full text of the post.


ok, i’ve tried exactly what you wrote here at my test site (with recommended test data) it works with/without my plugin.

are you put some text on ‘excerpt’ section at entry editing page? it is not ‘Additional Options for Suffusion’ section. if you cannot see ‘Excerpt’ section, use ‘Screen Option’ at right-top corner of your window.

i just tested this with only display exif plugin and suffusion theme (no other plugins enabled).

A.E. Christian

“are you put some text on ‘excerpt’ section at entry editing page? it is not ‘Additional Options for Suffusion’ section. if you cannot see ‘Excerpt’ section, use ‘Screen Option’ at right-top corner of your window.”

No, i do not write excerpt manually in the editing post section. the except is generated automatically by the theme based of a number of words set in the “wp-admin >> Appearance >> Suffusion Options >> Other Graphical Elements >> Layout: Excerpt / List / Tile / Full >> General Excerpt settings”
“i just tested this with only display exif plugin and suffusion theme (no other plugins enabled).”

Me to. No other plugin except Display Exif.
maybe i can give you the address of my test site and the admin account. do you have an email ?


my email address is on retaggr, to access retaggr profile page, goto top of this page and put mouse pointer on ‘inside’ to pull out menu, then click ‘retaggr’ banner on it. the banne at bottom of this page is only advertisement.

A.E. Christian

ok, i have send you a message.


the exposure time is broken for me using a nikon d90, it looks like this: http://screencast.com/t/hioRo5NE

sorry for screen shot but the site isn’t live yet…


that might be a picture with a broken exif field, nevermind but on some posts I am getting a js error:

`Uncaught ReferenceError: $this_dispexif is not defined
(anonymous function)/page/2/:101

any ideas?


if you edit older version of photoshop, or some of hdr software will changes exif field… yes i have some of them, too.

js error, i still checking this issue but i have no idea because i cannot repro it. ummm.


I think its fixed now. I am building a new theme and using a few plugins, like yours, additional. also tried my hands for the first time at some small javascript bits and I might have caused this error. I have since read up fully n how to queue jquery, checking if its loaded already, etc…
IT’l take a few more days/weeks for me to finish my site but I’l let you knwo when its done so you can have a look :-)

thanks for the great plugin btw!


can you check something quickly? your plugin breaks this other one: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/posttabs/ Btw. I asked that author for support a few minutes ago too.


that plugin uses short-code to add function to your entry. my plugin had developed before short-code appear so mine dose not compatible with short-code. this is known issue and need time to fixit….


ok, well, there is nothing I can do but I have another question:

lets say I uplaod an image with exif data, I realized your plugin only displays the exif data only if the original picture is show not when wordpress displays another size, i.e. medium or large (where wordpress resized the picture).

since the exif data will always be the same, can’t your plugin show the original picture’s exif data even when showing another size?

I am interested because I was trying to upload a picture i.e. in 1600×1200 to offer it for download for interested people as a wallpaper but I can’t show that size in my posts, so I am using another size and the exif doesn’t show up since it is not the original being displayed.


to display exif data window with different size is possible by using css modification. this is little tricky but if the image which you want to display at your web site is too small, such as thumbnail. however, chaining size of exif window is good idea.


no, sorry, I think I didn’t explain properly. if a post contains an image of the size thumbnail, medium or large, no matter how big they are, your plugin doesn’t display any exif data because these pictures have been resized by wordpress when I uploaded the original one and during resizing exif data is lost.
IF I insert the original picture in a post your plugin displays the exif data because that picture has exif data.

is there a way to display the exif data of the original picture for any of the resized ones?


ok, i;ve got it. there’s no way to get exif data from ‘wp-generated’ thumbnail on current version. it is little bit troublesome to get it but it is possible if i wrote code so. however, normally thumbnail is smaller than original, so i have to think about how to display exif data on or beside its images…. anyway, with current version, it is not possible to pull exif data from original image. i do put this issue on my working list. thx


cool, thanks. its not urgent or necessary, I just wanted to mention it.

and here is another issue: display exif breaks cformsII (my contact form plugin) so I started looking around for another contact form plugin since your plugin is essential to my site but as far as I can see all contact forms use shortcode and you said a few comments ago that your plugin isn’t compatible with plugins that do use shortcode – will you look at making it compatible?
can you recommend a simple contact form that works with your plugin?


i do not use ‘contact form’ plugins so i cannot recumbent which one is better, but this plugin, display exif, there’s many users who wanted to use so i will write update this code (to adjust with short code and so on) anyway…

and also i am thinking ‘new design’ of displaying so please wait until new code. i do not have too much time to work about this now but i will do this shortly.


thank you, you’re a star!
I you had a paypal button I’d donate so let me know if you have one :-)


oh thank you!! donation is always welcome :D
to send by paypal, plz use basques[att]gmail.com


done :-)


got it. thank u sooooooooooooo much!


small update: supporting wordpress’ thumbnail. see option window to on/off display exif window at thumbnail image.


cool, I gave it a try and it works for ALL image sizes not only thumbnail and Original, medium, large they all work. thanks!



I love your plugin! I have seen it on your test site and it works really well. I have installed and activated it on my website, but it doesn’t appear to work. I am using the Twenty Ten theme. Is there something I need to edit to get it working?

Thanks in advance,



i’ve just checked your website’s generated source code and i could not find the code which added by this plugin. possible reason is 1) display exif is not activated (i strongly do not think so, but make sure it is activated), 2) some other plugin conflict with this plugin. plz try following changes:

add_filter( 'the_content', 'display_exif_filter', 50 );

you can find this code at bottom of source code, and change the number ’50′ to somewhere around 100 or 1000, the result should be like:

add_filter( 'the_content', 'display_exif_filter', 1000 );

凄く良い感じに Exif を表示してくれます!

ですが、lightbox や colorbox 等と併用しようとすると




> 直前のコメント




DisplayExif と jQuery Colorbox の併用環境です。

> 直前のコメント
にて指示のあった修正を施さないと、colorbox のポップアップは立ち上がるのですが、
cplorbox と DisplayExif の併用自体はこれで問題なくなったと思います。

記事の各画像にマウスオーバーしていただくと、DisplayExif の表示が1枚目画像しか表示されないことに気づくかと思います。







There’s a bug in your code, namely “[13-Sep-2011 18:10:15] PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/hungrycactus/hungrycactus/wp-content/plugins/display-exif/display_exif.php:343) in /home/hungrycactus/hungrycactus/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 934″

There’s a fix we found…change line 343 from “echo” to “return”. That fixes the problem.

Details: https://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=18916&post=99802&uid=254577506873#post99802




There is a serious bug in the latest release. I’ve posted about it on the WordPress forums. Basically your plugin breaks any other plugin that uses apply_filters. You need to fix it ASAP.



ah! i should not do echo in filter function, off course. i just fixed this issue and quick updated to 0.2.3 so you will see newer one on your dashboard soon. thanks.


the issue you mentioned here is the same one as one before (Ethan’s one). plz check with new version which i uploaded today.


Hey VJ,

Again, really liking your plugin. I am however running into a problem. I would like your plugin to work for PrettyPhoto (a jquery lightbox http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/projects/prettyphoto-jquery-lightbox-clone/) I was hoping the popup images would have your EXIF mouseover overlay. Do you know if that’s easy to do? I know basic php, but not a lot of jquery/javascript. Your help is greatly appreciated!



adding exif information onto lightbox popup window is not easy to fix because its popup is generated by lightbox, not wordpress. i am thinking about lightbox compatibility long time, but i still don’t have the answer.



I noticed your plugin (isolated) slows down my site (adds a few seconds to loadtime). Don’t know why. Any way to speed it up?




the plugin loads the image which contains the entry first to get exif info and matrixes. the loading image is one of heavy task of website as you know. therefore if you have a lot of image at one page, it takes more time. therefore the solution of your question, speeding up to load is a) use thumbnail to display – smaller image is faster than larger image, b) less number of image per page…


I wonder if there’s any way to make it delayed, so the php will only get the exif data when needed? I suppose it could simply load an iframe of a php call for the image exif. Oh well…thx tho! =(


ya, iframe is easy way to display something ‘other’ pages, but it is not stylish and may effect cross browser issue….

A.E. Christian

seems that 0.2.3 resolve the bug with Excerpt reported by me in 18 May. finally i can use this plugin.


jsut realized the output of this plugin shows up in my feeds too. you can check the feed of the link I gave here. is there a possiblity to stop the exif data from showing in feeds or to properly format the output so it looks nice?


Hi ovidiu,

yes, that’s one issue which i am thinking. currently this plugin just ‘add’ hidden div box at bottom of image therefore if you feed (or Facebook, or twitter) it, the first actual ‘characters’ will be exif data. in anyway, i will do something about this issue on next version.


thanks for considering it. I don’t think its bad showing the exif data in a feed, it just should be looking good, i.e. give the divs some css so that they look good and not simply one underneath the other :-)


Hi ovidiu,

yeeees, this issue is one of my headache and yesterday night, i think that i found the solution. so i do test this on this weekend.



i like your Plugin ! But i have a question where i have to check if i will publish the EXIF data ?

I can’t find the check box.



hello Detlev,

i still do not get ur question mean…. if your photo has exif data on it, it will automatically appear on your image.


hey there,

I had a problem in conjunction with another plugin where the exif info would not be shown in the right position but in the top left corner so I had a friend look at it and he solved it by changing one line of your plugin:

var $img_pos = $this_img.position();
var $img_pos = $this_img.offset();

not sure if this useful for anyone else or if it can be incorporated into your plugin but here you go.


any news on the exif data showing in feeds?


not yet, ovidiu. i should do this but i do not have enough time to review my code….


no problem. I forgot about this issue too. will probably rememebr it in a few months again and nag you .-9


I’d also really appreciate it, if the exif data wouldn’t show up in the feed, since uploading i.g. 10 pictures would make the feed post very much longer due to the exif data listed afterwards.

I also understand that time is a problem, so I’ll happily wait, hoping that something will happen. :)


I’m getting the undefined variable error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: $this_dispexif is not defined /path/to/post/:135
Uncaught ReferenceError: $this_dispexif is not defined /path/to/post/:135
(anonymous function) /path/to/post/:135
f.each.f.event.special.(anonymous function).handle jquery.js:3
f.event.dispatch jquery.js:3
f.event.add.h.handle.i jquery.js:3

Line 135 in the html is $this_dispexif.hide();


Hi Chris

plz add following code just before line 135.

var $dispexif_id = $this_img.attr( ‘displayexif’ );
$this_dispexif = jQuery( $dispexif_id );


That should be var $dispexif_id = $this_img.attr( \'displayexif\' );
$this_dispexif = jQuery( $dispexif_id );
and it should appear between $e_width = $this_img.width(); and $this_dispexif.css({.

Fixes the error notice, but the EXIF still doesn’t display on any of the site’s images.


ah, because it is wordpress’ character conversion. i forgot to wrap ‘code’ tags…


Hi Catkick,
I would like to know if is possible to add your plugin to bp-gallery. It’s the gallery script for BuddyPress.
As you know this script, after the upload, generate 3 different files using the GD library, one of each size (thumb, med and large) + store the original file.

I can retrieve the EXIF information from the original image using this snippet :

bp_get_media_meta ($media_id, “media_meta”);
//it will give you all the meta data read by ‘wp_read_image_metadata’

Really thanks,


Hi Catkick,
I’ve removed your plugin from my host ’cause it doesn’t work with buddypress. Some conflict with other plugins..


Tay Zar


Just want to say thanks for your plug in. I’m using it on my blog and working great and perfect. Please take a look at my site here. http://www.imageplus.me


Please can some one help, I installed the great plugin on my site
however only half of my posts has the plugin working.

Not working

Any ideas why i can not get the data to show on some of my photos???/


I show your source code and the page where the plugin not working does not have ‘displayexif=”file name here” within IMG tag. this means a) some other plugin overwrite IMG tag (maybe). try changing priority of this (how to modify? see above this page).


VJCatkickさんが製作したEXIF Pluginを適用しようとする正しく表示されない質問します。


display exif pluginを有効にする(active)状態です。

themeによってexif displayが適用にならない場合がありますか??

this is google translation本当に申し訳ありません。


나는 당신 님의 홈페이지를 받아 보았습니다.
활성화하는 방법은 문제없이 작동하는 것을 확인했습니다. 그런데 IMG 태그에 플러그인 코드가 포함되지 않은 것을 발견했습니다.
원인으로 뭔가 다른 플러그인을 덮어하는지, 사진 첨부 방법이 다른 하나 일 수 있습니다.

1) 다른 플러그인을 일시적으로 분리보세요
2) 다른 템플릿도 표시되지 않습니까?
3) 항목 설명시 사진 첨부 방법을 바꿔보세요

1)로 표시되는 경우
· 호환되지 않는 플러그인이있을 수 있습니다

2)로 표시되는 경우
· 템플릿에 따라 호환되지 않는 경우가 있습니다 (그러나 지금까지별로이보고를받은 것은 아닙니다)

3)으로 표시되는 경우
· 링크에서 창이 열리는 타입 등 일부 표시 할 수없는 것이 있습니다.











q-1。 display exifを除くすべてのプラグインをoffしました。 (only display exif on)

q-2。 themeを変更してみたがムダでした。

q-3。以下は、写真添付するときに使用し、元のソースです。 (original source code)


a-1。 file permissionによって動作ができない場合がありますか? (chmod777 or chmod755)

a-2。 display exifはthe_content内にimgタグがあれば自動的に動作するプラグインですか?


this is google translation本当に申し訳ありません。





両方の設定を同じようにしました。 (same setting)

思ったところではphpのexif enableだと思います。

Configure Command” – enable-exif”

http://bbasse.me/11.php(view php info)
http://bbasse.hostoi.com/11.php(view php info)

bbasse.me= no activate exif
bbasse.hostoi.com=’ – enable-exif’ activate

serverでexifをenableする必要がありVJCatkickさんのexif displayを使用できますか?

” – enable-exif’のために利用できないのならhosting adminにexifの活性化を要求するのか気になります。


그것은 네요 …. 서버에서 exif은 활성화되지 않으면 작동하지 않습니다.
$ exif = @ exif_read_data ($ ex_filename ‘EXIF’);
이렇게하여 데이터를 읽고 있기 때문에.

$exif = @exif_read_data( $ex_filename, ‘EXIF’ );


http://bbasse.me/22.php http://bbasse.me/DSC_2162_RAW.jpg(Unable to open file)
$ file – > DSC_2162.RAW.jpg(Success)

exif_read_data(’http://bbasse.me/DSC_2162_RAW.jpg’、 ‘IFD0′)(faild)
exif_read_data(’DSC_2162.RAW.jpg’、 ‘IFD0′)(Success)

私が使用しているホストは、only root pathのみを許可しています。

$ filename&$ ex_filename関数をroot pathに変更すると可能ですが、どうすればいいですか?

how to root path change($ filename&$ ex_filename)

jpg path=/ public_html/DSC_2162.RAW.jpg

http://bbasse.me/DSC_2162_RAW.jpg – >/ public_html/DSC_2162.RAW.jpg


this is google translation本当に申し訳ありません。


getting full path and root path is PHP issue… it is better to check;


if basename does not work on your environment, try $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] but with this case, you must manipulate path string….

good luck.



セキュリティ上の理由$ f変数のように

絶対パス(ex http:xxxxx.com/wordpress/content/xxx.jpg)

絶対パス可能/ hosting serviceは多くありません。 (not use)

だから$ f変数を

相対パス(change http://xxxx.com/wordpress/content/xxx.jpg – > content/ xxx.jpg)


else$ ex_filename=$ filename;

// new add//
if(eregi_replace(”\/[^/]*\。php$”、”/”、$_SERVER ['PHP_SELF'])==’/’){
$ ex_filename= substr($ ex_filename、1+ strpos($ ex_filename、’/’、7));
} else{
$ ex_filename= str_replace(eregi_replace(”\/[^/]*\。php$”、”/”、$_SERVER ['PHP_SELF'])、””、substr($ ex_filename、strpos($ ex_filename、’/’ 、7)));
// end//
$ exif=@ exif_read_data($ ex_filename、”EXIF”);// IFD0

new add間のコードを利用すると、マルチサイト(multi wordpress)でのプラグインが使用可能です。


this is google translation


There is a bug with pictures/thumbnails that are larger than 999px.
The row 213 och display_exif.php looks like this:

if( $options[ 'display_exif_thumbnail_support' ] ) $ex_filename = preg_replace( ‘/-[0-9]{1,3}x[0-9]{1,3}./s’, ‘.’, $filename );

You could set it like this instead, then it supports images up to 9999px..

if( $options[ 'display_exif_thumbnail_support' ] ) $ex_filename = preg_replace( ‘/-[0-9]{1,4}x[0-9]{1,4}./s’, ‘.’, $filename );



LOVE the plugin quick question. I had to reinstall my theme and all my plugins (waste of a sunday) however when i reactive your plugin my site stops working? (infact it does work but takes about 2-3mins to load any page, any ideas how to fix this, as i really want to use the plugin?



there’s too much photo at a page therefore plugin took a lot of time to calc. plz try to remove ‘noscript’ option at theme (not on my plugin) if there is. means: theres duplicated IMG tags on your source code for non javascript user…. so the plugin calculate twice for each one image.., maybe.


OK thanks for your reply, the plugin WAS working very well (and fast before).

I am not so good at wordpress, can you tell me step by step what i need to do.
So sorry for being dumb but i really want the plugin to work!

How do i know how to remove ‘noscript’ option at theme? how do you know there is duplicate image tags on my course code for non javascript users?

sorry ! and thanks a million (totally rating 5 star) love the plugin


Sorry to be a hassle, I really want to use your plugin.
Can you tell me how to remove noscript option at theme and remove duplicated IMG tags on my source code for non javascript user….

Please please please?


oh, that’s little bit hard and it depends on theme. if you tell me where your theme file comes from to me, i can check it… thanks


Thankyou thankyou thankyou !!!


this is my theme called modest by elegant themes

This is the theme i use ! If you need to log in to to admin let me know


I’ve just checked the theme site and found that it is commercial theme, so i cannot download it. I am not sure what happened on your website during generating actual page from ‘PHP program’ but could you please try following procedure?

1) disable (no need to delete) all plugin but display exif

If it displays, then plugin conflict is the reason why my plugin did not work. if not, theme file is doing something special.

let me know.


Great plugin. Is there a way to prevent the EXIF details from ending up in my RSS?


OK, so I turned of all my plugins and reactivated yours
Everything seemed to work. IE my site worked at the correct speed and i saw the exif data show up on most of my photographs (BUT NOT ALL??? to be honest this was the same when i had the plugin working a few months ago).

do i need to start reactivating one by one my plugins to find the conflict? or is there a better way?

PS, thanks for the Facebook Like! :) I APPRECIATE IT !


> to start reactivating one by one

thats very helpful. if you find conflict, let me know


> chris

im working on it from long time ago, but sorry there’s no time to modify this source code now… i will do so because i want it, too :D



So i have now reactivated your plugin and it seems to be working pretty well, I guess the issue with slowing down the site self resolved.(or may be an plugin update fixed the issue.

However I would like to know why your plugin only works on some of my posts and not all of them. For example it works on this post….


but not on this post….


Any ideas how I fix this?


Also the positioning of the black bar, ie the info has changed it used to be at the top of the image now it has moved down by 30 or 40 pixels


Great plugin.
What about lens information. Can it show lenses?


I have a problem with this pluggin.

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/radiorsk/radiorsk.info/wp-content/plugins/twitter/widget_twitter_vjck.php:171) in /home/radiorsk/radiorsk.info/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 876

Is possible that this warning is for the php version?
I have PHP 5.2.17 in the server.


Hi alex

my Twitter plugin does not run under php version 5.2.x. it requires 5.3 or later so you should stop/uninstall twitter plugin for that.




Site moved to ipage exif no display.Please upgrading the plug as soon as possible.


I have an issue with thumbnail, I try to deactivate the show function by the option in the settings, but don’t work!
I need to turn off the “display exif” in the thumbnail, how can I fix this?

I have WP v. 3.6.1

Can anyone help me?



Just wondering how I can get this plugin to work on images outside of the_content?
I have a function that is returning <img src= … etc, but can't seem to figure out how to change the plugin filter to target this function.

If anyone can help that would be great.

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