preparing new smartphone


new version of iPhone will be released within a few weeks so i checked and started to prepare contacts, images, and other data within my smartphone. removing some bulk data from your phone makes conversion process lighter, faster and stressless. maybe this is good timing to renew wallpaper, playlists, and bookmarks for new ‘life’ with new phone.

it is better to make some backups of current phone so you can ‘rollback’ from new to old if there’s any trouble to use new one such as initial failure, conversion error, and so on. also, using new phone (battery) until it will automatically sleep without charging few rounds is good for your battery condition. during this few rounds, you need to switch to old one while charging new one in some case so do not forget synchronise both new and old phone.

the new iPhone will come with two different sizes. i still did not decide which one i should use. it is happy time to think about it.